Historic House Tours

Walcot Hall is privately owned by the Parish family, who have lived here for over half a century. As a family home, it offers guests a wealth of character and personality and a rare opportunity to share in the simple splendor of life on this country estate.

The Hall is open to the public for two days a year for historic house tours, at the same time as the garden opening, on 30th and 31st May – more details can be found in the Events section.

Historic Venue – Private House Tours

Private house tours for can be arranged by appointment for 16 guests or more and at certain times during the year, the dining room and main reception hall may be hired for exclusive functions such as special occasion dinners, musical events or exhibitions. This beautiful historic house is also available for hire as a period location for films or television documentaries.

If you would like to find out more about the history of the estate, please look at ‘The History of Walcot’ or call 01588 680 570 if you are interested in booking your own historic house tour for 16+ people.
The public opening on the 30th & 31st May is an ideal opportunity to take a tour of Walcot Hall.